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CADA Offices

Mexico City, Mexico


Female Sexual Wellness Center

Office Commercial Fit Out

232 m2

The material palette and color scheme selected for this office fit-out are
consistent with the firm’s values and principles. As a young law firm, the
main focus was to portray elegance and novelty while maintaining a sense
of transparency and trust.

Special care was taken in selecting practical and durable pieces to incorporate
with bespoke elements in steel, wood, and marble. A coherent visual
identity was central to the project and drove decision-making in everything
from selecting finishes to the art, styling, and decoration used

Concept Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation by
MCA. Administration by MCA in collaboration with CIR.


Styling in collaboration with NODO Interiores.

MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Sofía Trujillo, Gustavo Reyes, Tania Mondragón
and Karla Brum.

General Contractor: CIR.

Photography by Mauricio Cohen Kalb.

Office Commercial Fit Out. 2,150 sq. ft.

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