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Salvaje & Xolo

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Winery and restaurant fit out

2021 - 2022

2,500 m2

In the heart of the enchanting wine region of Baja California, Mexico, lies a transformative and wild endeavor: Salvaje & Xolo. This abandoned warehouse, once forgotten, now emerges anew as a harmonious haven of culinary delights and wine-making prowess.


The essence of Salvaje & Xolo is rooted in the grapevine's tenacity and resilience. Like the intricate vine, entwined in a dance of growth, every aspect of the design draws inspiration from the cultivation process and the plant itself – conceptually, geometrically, and materially.


Sustainability and preservation are at the core of this architectural tale. Nature's gifts, such as cuttings and woody debris found on site and among the vineyards, became the constructive elements, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the building. Earth from the site gracefully adorns the walls, while rammed earth pays homage to the landscape that nurtures the vines.


A seamless connection to the fields blurs the lines between the building and its surroundings. As guests venture through Salvaje & Xolo, they become immersed in nature's resplendent embrace. Woven textiles echo the geometric patterns of cultivation, symbolizing the interconnectedness of life. Organic walls and ceilings crafted from branches create a serene sanctuary of shade and refuge, akin to the comforting arms of the vineyard's foliage.


Pergolas, suspended with tensioners, gracefully echo the posts and wires used in grape cultivation, symbolizing growth and fruition. Delicate textiles interlace across the wires, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, offering a dance of nature's own design.


The experience is a reverent escape from the bustling city life. The landscaping showcases endemic species, thriving in harmony with the environment, requiring no elaborate upkeep. A retention pond thoughtfully collects water, supporting the vineyard's wine production and mirroring the circularity of nature's rhythms.


Salvaje & Xolo is a captivating tale of wine and wilderness, a testament to the art of adaptation.


Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Supervision by MCA.


MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Sofía Trujillo, Gustavo Reyes, Tania Mon­dragón.


Landscaping by Kaax.


General Contractor: Pedro Salazar.


Winery, restaurant fit out and landscape design. 21,500 sq. ft.

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