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VUD, CESAC an Mayor's Office

Mexico City, Mexico.


362 m2

The Cuajimalpa Mayoralty offices were facing neglect and deterioration, they lacked universal accessibility and were not inclusive. With a vision to create a safe and inclusive environment for all, the MCA team undertook a renovation of profound significance.


Universal accessibility became the cornerstone of our design, embracing the tapestry of diverse needs. Tactile paving, ramps, and family and gender-neutral bathrooms foster a harmonious and welcoming space for every soul. Clear signage in Spanish, braille and Nahuatl, the ancient language of the region, beckon one and all to navigate with ease.


Adhering to the vision of durability and reliability, every choice, from materials to furnishings, was crafted with discerning care. Simplicity reigns in the material palette, thoughtfully paired back to allow the tactile paving and signage to emerge as beacons of guidance.


Drawing inspiration from the mountainous region of Cuajimalpa, the material palette finds dialectical resonance with the site's essence. Red and black volcanic stone, hewn from the very land that cradles the city, pay homage to the region's heritage.


In the enduring embrace of rock, a testament to resilience and the indomitable spirit of Mexico's hardworking people emerges. The choice of red and black volcanic stone is not merely an aesthetic decision but a profound tribute to the stability and durability it bestows upon the Mayoralty Offices.


Carved from the very bones of the mountainous region, the volcanic stone stands as a steadfast guardian, mirroring the strength of the Mexican people. Its timeless presence reflects the tireless labor and unwavering determination that have shaped the nation's history and built its future.


The Cuajimalpa Mayoralty Offices stand now as a testament to the power of transformation and inclusivity. With each step and every touch, the design whispers an invitation to all, bridging the divide between souls and spaces, crafting a tapestry of unity, understanding, and shared purpose. It is a place where the heartbeat of Mexico City thrums with the harmony of accessibility, compassion, and the timeless dialogue between earth and endeavor.


Concept Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation by MCA. Administration by MCA in collaboration with K3 Arquitectos, Furniture design in collaboration with Siete Studio.


MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Sofia Trujillo, Gustavo Reyes, Jaqueline Hale Cuenca, Fernanda Barcena.


General Contractor: K3 Arquitectos.

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