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Elemantia Residences

Valle de Bravo, Mexico.


4050 m2

Seven villas reminiscent of the vernacular emerge in the coniferous forest by the old lakeside town of Valle de Bravo.

The color scheme and material palette are reinterpreted from the tradi­tional colonial houses; a modular design allows for efficiency and flexi­bility by rotating the footprint of each house to adapt to the topography and existing pine trees. The lines between outdoor and indoor spaces are blurred through the use of terraces, and outdoor space is maximized in each layout.


Interiors were designed in collaboration with We Are Tribe to align the tra­ditional style of the village while keeping the proposal fresh and original. Three different interior schemes were developed for the client to choose from. The MCA team coordinated the development of all visualizations, a 3D tour, and the creation of a website for sales.


Concept Design and Design Development by Mauricio Cohen Kalb. Con­struction Documentation by MCA. Interior design by MCA in collaboration with We Are Triibe.


MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Sofía Trujillo, Gustavo Reyes, Tania Mon­dragon, Karla Brum.


Scale model in collaboration with MMStudio.

Visualizations by Viztudio.

Photography by Adriana Hamui.

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