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Poetas Residence

Mexico City, Mexico

2018 – 2021

420 m2

A respite amidst the bustle of the city; this residence is all about framing desirable views and providing privacy to its users without compromising natural light.


Upon completion, the residence became a temporary space of exploration. Strategic alliances were made with various artists to decorate and furnish the house in a collaborative event that provided exposure and promoted a closer collaboration between our fields.


The central theme was Mudanza, a word in Spanish for the process of transition or relocation from one place to another. A transitory space in the midst of dualities, where everything is questioned, and the way of living has no rules. Objects were grouped and scattered in a process that would invite the viewers to re-think their possessions.


For a brief moment, this private residence became inhabited with pieces created by upcoming Mexican artists and provided our clients a unique opportunity to interact with the different objects within their own home.


Our most heartfelt thanks to all collaborators: Siete Studio, Federico Ste­fanovich, Xavier Loránd, BREUER, Schtai, Angulo 0, Balsa, MOB, Panoram­mma, Kreyé, Baron y Vicario, ADHOC, Ente MX, Comité de proyectos and Colección Estudio.


Concept Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation by MCA. Administration by MCA in collaboration with K3 Arquitectos.


MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Sofia Trujillo, Gustavo Reyes, Karla Brum.


General Contractor: K3 Arquitectos.

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