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Seis Residence

Valle de Bravo, Mexico


1,300 m2

In collaboration with Alea Arquitectos, Valle Azul, Reyna Raphael and Maracadesign


Situated on a privileged site on the lakeshore, the house draws inspiration from the surrounding forest and historic architecture of the Valle de Bravo town. Materials and techniques were locally sourced to match the predominant style of the village but kept minimal to achieve a more modern and elevated look. 

The distribution of this holiday home is characterized by its “c” shape that welcomes breathtaking sunset views of the lake from the moment you open the front door. Courtyards were erected around pine trees that had grown on site and allow nature inside the house while blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces. 

A large Koi pond at the heart of this residence emulates the lake. When seen from the interior; the reflecting pool at the base of the main staircase aligns itself with the exterior pond, the swimming pool and finally the lake, giving that large body of water visual continuity through the house.

The design is all about spending quality time with friends and family while mindful of everyones privacy. Large common areas welcome both residents and guests, whether it be lounging by the pool, having a cookout, or watching tv. Four rooms and a master bedroom accommodate the members of the family, all with ensued bathrooms and closets, plus a wing of the house entirely meant for the two guest bedrooms.

Hand in hand with the architecture and consistent with the colors and concept of the house; a visual identity was established for all the furniture, accessories, and decoration. The house logo and details in a dark forest green were embedded in bespoke ceramics, tableware, notepads, wrapping paper, planters and toiletries throughout.

Design in collaboration with ALEA Arquitectos; construction by Valle Azul, graphic design by Maraca Design and interior decoration by Reyna Raphael. The completion of this beautiful home would never have been possible without the expertise and close collaboration between our teams.

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