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Sunny Isles Residence

Sunny Isles, USA.


450 m2

A beachfront apartment characterized by sandy colors and airy textures. Inspiring elegance and peace of mind, this high-rise residence is perfect for a retreat in Sunny Isles.

A dark and moody foyer contrasts with the warm and light interior as you exit the elevator and open the front door into the apartment. A sanctuary high above inspired by the colors of the sand found below. From the wood paneling and built- ins; to each piece of furniture, art, and decoration; every element was carefully selected to match the material palette and integrate the concept.

Concept Design by Mauricio Cohen Kalb,


Design Development and Construction Documentation by MCA.


Interior design and styling by Mauricio Cohen Kalb.


Administration by Stambul USA

MCA team: Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Gustavo Reyes, Karla Brum. General contractor: Stambul USA.

Photography by Mauricio Cohen Kalb

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